This page is a wish list more than anything. There is no filtering criteria, most of them don’t make any sense but they should be fun. Feel free to add your own…

Building a Raspberry Pi powered cheese room

Most likely, an old fridge with humidity and temperature sensors, a fan, a water pot with a heater and variable lid on and a webcam. Controlled by an app on my phone and encased in a beautiful hand carved cabinet.

Biulding a fanless PC

Quite an easy one, mostly to play music but also to avoid being trapped into a system. Why do we need to change TVs, AV receivers just because the firmware can’t be updated to play the most recent Sportify protocol? And what’s the deal with Apple Air-lock?

Build a passive water cooling case for PC

The idea is to use heat pipes so that the whole case becomes a cooler. Raw materials are expensive and it’s tricky to trust my soldering skills on very expensive computer hardware. Did I mention there are already cases available?

Get a conching machine

To make hazelnut cream. And chocolate. Can be bought in the US for a few hundred dollars, if I see one on Ebay…

Run a sprint triathlon in 1:10

What? I can’t cycle and run in my wetsuit? OK, 1:15 then…

Have AirPlay running on Ubuntu

This is a tough one…I think it’s beyond my control at the moment, but I have spent a lot of time trying. And I’m not giving up.

Write an app that creatively empties the fridge

I hate leftovers, but I like cooking with them – it’s a problem of constrained optimisation. I’ll show you.

Err…find a job?


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