This is a reference to all names and characters in this story. I tend to use names for most inanimate objects I really like, and I am sure I will assume everybody knows what I’m talking about…

Hawksey – she’s my flat. Yes, definitely a girl

The book – when talking about baking, is River Cottage’s handbook

Proving/fermenting on steroids – it just means that the dough is kept at 35-40 C instead of room temperature while fermenting or proving. You can actually find a link on Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong forum about this. Not a joke, but I won’t add links to that.

Acciughina – she shares Hawksey with me and is my favourite taster among many other favourite things. Also known as Beanie.

Vitellozzo – is my buttermilk sourdough starter. Not a refined chap, I hide him away from Hawksey who’s quite the opposite


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