Our new bed – part 2: paint job!

How to paint my masterpiece? My initial idea was to paint the inside red (as passion, you know) and the outside white, like you see in the first picture – only completed for one post and part of the headboard. But, because I like to complicate things, I had an elaborate plan in mind to follow the design along the edges. I think this worked particularly well on the middle legs, where a line of red was not to overpowering. In these pictures, the bed is still painted with primer – a very bright and cold white – and the red is “cochineal” from Fired Earth.










On the other hand though, the red was a bit too much on the posts, that looked like they had too much lipstick on.


Instead, white reflected the light really nicely and the baroque-ness of the bed wasn’t that obvious.










But the design details were not highlighted at all, a bit flat, and that of course bugged me.










I did explore other possibilities, like green:











Which was not as overpowering and more elegant, but didn’t really talk to me. Here you can even see an attempt with the negative paint job in green, that had the effect of flattening the post and was discarded straight away.

Also, that cochineal shade of red looked good against the smurfy blue the room was, but keeping in mind that the room will have become green, I thought the final shade of red would have needed to be closer to the colour on the lamp in the first picture, and the white a touch warmer.

What to do?


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