Bubbly sourdough

bubbly_sourFinally, here it is: a proper sourdough. All in all, it proved for 24 hours, but it was worth the wait. Thanks to a proper proving basket (sponsored by Pizza Perfection) it finally came out with a good consistency, even though the hydration in excess of 60% is too much to keep its shape for more than ten seconds, as you can see from the UFO shape. The taste was there, a bit more refined as the starter is getting less rough, but still with a hint of mountain cow shed in the crust. The starter has aged five days in the fridge after being pruned quite aggressively and has drunk a shot of buttermilk over the weekend.

The loaf is made from white wheat flour, but the starter eats wholemeal and that makes it look more rustic. By the way, rusticity and hints of cow are responsible for the name of my buttermilk starter, who has been baptised Vitellozzo.

Problem is, now that I am reasonably happy with my bread, it is getting a bit boring…but at the same time I can’t stop: I am never going to respect store bought bread again. What started out as a minimalistic project has now became a vice and a luxury. Oh well, I’ll have some more chocolate while I reflect on it.


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